Members Only Shopify App

Setting up and using the Members Only app is easy.

Install App

Head over to the Shopify App store and click [GET] to start the installation

We need a few permissions so that we can automatically update your theme for you.  We only modify your theme when you make a change on the Preference screen of the Members Only App.  Just click "Install app" to continue.

Changes to Your Theme

For Members Only app to work a few changes to your theme are needed.  These changes involve adding some new liquid template files into  your theme.  We also add this code to the bottom of your theme.liquid field:

      <!-- StartMembersOnly -->
      {% include 'membersonly-body' %}
      <!-- EndMembersOnly -->

To complete your setup simplify click "Complete Setup"

Once you're all setup the page will reload with Green Ticks showing you its complete.

Setup Complete

Adding Your Members

To add your first member click "Members" and then "Add Member"

Adding a Member

What It Looks Like On Your

Congratulations you're done!  Click Preview to see what it looks like on your site.

Preview Button

Members Only Screenshot

Customizing Your Login Page

The members only overlay is just a page on your shopify site.  So if you want to change how it looks, add a different logo, etc you can just do it from the Pages section of Shopify:

Customize Page

Uninstalling Members Only App

To remove Members Only app from your shop visit the edit themes page in Shopify and remove the highlighted text and click Save.

Removing from Theme

This will be enough to stop Members Only app effecting your store.

You may also optionally delete:
  • templates/page.membersonly.liquid
  • snippets/membersonly-body.liquid
  • assets/members-only-logo-small.png
  • assets/members-only-logo.png
  • assets/ajax-loader.gif
  • assets/member-only-overlay.css

Also you can delete the page called "Members Only Popup" shown on https://<your store>